OSINT Virtual Machines

Buscador: Interestingly, Buscador is Spanish for “seeker“. Rightly so, it is a Linux Virtual Machine that is pre-configured for online investigators. It has tools such as Custom Firefox Install and Add-Ons, Custom Chrome Install and Extensions, Tor Browser, Custom Video Manipulation Utilities, Custom Video Download Utility, Recon-NG, Maltego, Creepy, Metagoofil, MediaInfo, ExifTool, Spiderfoot, Google Earth Pro, Metadata Anylisation Toolkit, EyeWitness, EmailHarvester, theHarvester, HTTrack Cloner, Aquatone, Knock Pages, Sublist3r, Twitter Exporter, Tinfoleak , InstaLooter, BleachBit, VeraCrypt, KeePassXC, LibreOffice, VLC, PDF Viewer. 

In Huron you will find fundamental tools such as Maltego or Recon-NG ready to be used or, at least, after a minimum configuration process, many links to specialized search engines like Shodan, to social networks, to language tools, SW of treatment and extraction of image data (ExifTools), tools for creating ideas maps, checkers for user names, email anonymizers … But also tools that allow you to carry out research tasks in a safe way (tracking blockers, Tor browser … ) or assist you in the creation of reports and viewing of multimedia material.

OSINTUX is a Linux distribution in Spanish, based on Ubuntu LTS and distributed under the ” GNU General Public License v3 ” license for intelligence work in open sources (OSINT). The project was born as a result of the Master’s final project of the 1st Cybersecurity Master , organized by Eleven Paths (Tellefonica), the International Campus of Cybersecurity, and the UCAM .